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About Us

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Get brush clearing services in Oakland & nearby areas of California.

Welcome to BrushPros, formerly Oakland Hills Brush Clearing. We are a family-owned landscaping business that was established in 1982 with two goals in mind - to help keep properties fire safe and beautiful. We specialize in clearing weeds, brush, and poison oak from residential, commercial, and HOA properties in and around Oakland, Orinda, and Lafayette, CA. We aim to build long-lasting trust with our customers and give them peace of mind with our services. Although our name has changed to better reflect our professional distinctives and growing service area, we're still here to serve you with the same quality of service we've always strived to provide.

BrushPros Core Values (LOVE)

Love. We exist to serve, and we believe that truly serving our customers is how we love our neighbor in a business relationship. We also believe that respecting our co-workers, and communicating regularly and openly with our team is how we love our neighbor in the workplace. We genuinely strive to treat our customers, co-workers, and company leaders how we want to be treated, and we feel good about it when we deliver on that goal.

Ownership. We take full responsibility for what’s been assigned to us, and we care for company and customer property as if it were our own. We own our commitments and show up when we say we will and do what we say we’ll do. We humbly admit mistakes when we mess up, and we bend over backward to make things right.

Value. We always strive for a win-win relationship in business, and give more than we take in pay. We cut brush, not corners. We go the extra mile and strive to deliver a WOW customer experience every time.

Efficiency. We view ourselves as professional players on a high-performance sports team. We’re motivated by bonuses, not bare minimums. We hold ourselves accountable and don’t need someone standing over us to get us to work. We strive to excel, innovate, and hustle, while never compromising safety.

Our services help keep properties fire safe and beautiful.

BrushPro professionals posed in Moraga, CA.
We don't take our job lightly, as fire prevention is crucial in our area. Because of this, we perform services that comply with fire safety regulations while also providing aesthetic results! We specialize in services that clear your property of fire hazards, including:
Brush and weed clearing
Small tree trimming and pruning
Yard cleanups
Poison oak removal
And more!

Oakland now bans the use of gas-powered blowers and string trimmers. We are one of the only companies in compliance with this ordinance, ensuring you won't face a fine for hiring a company using gas equipment.

Our Guarantees

We value the trust we build with our customers, which is why we offer three guarantees with our services:
We will perform our services as we described them the first time, or we'll return to fix them.
Our services will pass a fire inspection (excluding any future re-growth).
Once we give a price quote, we will honor it.

We were named The Best Landscaping Company in Oakland.

Professional clearing landscape in Oakland, CA.
At BrushPros, we work hard to build a professional, trustworthy reputation. Fortunately, this has not gone unnoticed - The Quality Business Awards has named us The Best Landscaping Company in Oakland! We received 5-stars in the satisfaction, service, reputation, and quality categories, and we have an overall quality score that exceeds 95%. We are proud to have earned this award and we will continue to provide exceptional services to our clients!

Call us to sign up for our landscaping and brush-clearing services!

If you need to clear brush and any other potential fire hazards from your property, we've got you covered! We offer our landscaping and brush-clearing services to property owners in Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, and other nearby areas in California. Call us at (510) 339-9991 to sign up for any of our services today!

(510) 339-9991

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