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Truckee, CA

Fire Abatement & Land Cleanup Services
We clear overgrown yards and lots to help protect properties from fire hazards.
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Get Brush Clearning services in Truckee, Lake Tahoe & Nearby areas of California.

BrushPros now offers fire safety clearing in the Lake Tahoe region, from South Lake Tahoe to Truckee and surrounding areas.

Our services include brush clearing, weed clearing, poison oak removal, and more!

Before and after of brush clearing services for clients in Oakland, CA.
Located in Nevada County, the city of Truckee, CA offers plenty of exciting things to do and places to visit. Truckee is a Sierra Nevada Mountains town, just northwest of Lake Tahoe. While in Truckee, visit the Historic Downtown Truckee district. Other areas of interest in Truckee is Donnar Pass and the Donner Memorial State Park. Camping and hiking is also popular in Tahoe National Forest. Lake Tahoe is just a day trip away. 

Our team at BrushPros provides top-notch fire abatement and land cleanup services for homes and businesses in Truckee, CA and Lake Tahoe. We will eliminate overgrown brush and toxic plants like poison oak from your property to help protect it from fire.

Our fire abatement services include brush and weed clearing, poison oak and ivy removal, and yard cleanups.

BrushPros worker brush clearing property in Walnut Creek, CA.
Here at BrushPros, we can help protect your commercial or residential property by ensuring it is free from fire hazards while also maintaining its manicured appearance. Learn more about our fire abatement and land cleanup services below:
Fire Abatement: Our fire abatement service is designed to eliminate overgrown vegetation on your property to improve its aesthetic appeal and get rid of plants that fires can use to spread.
Brush Clearing: Overgrown brush in your yard means having fire hazards on your property. Our experienced crew is equipped with the proper equipment to eliminate dense brush and ensure your commercial or residential property in Truckee, CA is fire-safe. We can haul away the cut-down brush, but we typically mulch everything and compress it into the ground.
Weed Clearing: If your yard is laden with tall grass and invasive weeds, we will clear them from your property using chainsaws, heavy-duty clearing saws, weed whackers, and blades. Then, we will perform a 3-pass method to mulch everything before packing it into a depression in the ground. This process keeps the vegetation out of sight while ensuring the disposal method is fire-safe.
Poison Oak Removal: Nobody likes dealing with poison oak, mainly because it can cause a painful rash. Our team does not back down from these types of challenges, and you can rely on us to get rid of poison oak plants from your property using top-notch equipment.
Ivy Removal: We use weed whips and blades to remove invasive ivy plants taking over your yard. During our ivy removal process, we make sure to cut the plant down from the ground.
Yard Cleanups: Our yard cleanups involve cutting tall grass and weeds that are common in the Truckee area, such as foxtail, thistle, and wild oats. This service also involves pruning your small trees to ensure there are no overgrown branches near your home or business that can act as fire ladders.

When you schedule our yard cleanups, our crew will haul off everything to keep your property looking neat and pristine!

Call us today to schedule any of our fire abatement and land cleanup services.

Here at BrushPros, we offer reliable fire abatement and land cleanup services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Truckee, CA. Our team has been helping property owners clear out fire hazards from their yards since 1982, and you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience to get the job done. Give us a call today at (510) 339-9991 to schedule any of our fire abatement and land cleanup services.

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